Micro Synthetic fibers

We manufacture different types of micro synthetic fibers that are used for temperature and plastic shrinkage crack-control reinforcement. Our micro synthetic fibers, both monofilament and fibrillated, meet the requirements of ICC ES AC32 and are listed in ICC ES ESR1699 for use in residential and commercial projects throughout the U.S. These fibers also meet the requirements of ASTM C1116, Section 4.1.3 (Type III) and Note 2 as well as ASTM D7508.

FiberForce monofilament micro fibers are FiberForce 100 and FiberForce 150. FiberForce 100 is our ultra-fine denier monofilament micro fiber. FiberForce 150 is our fine denier monofilament micro fiber.

FiberForce fibrillated micro fibers are FiberForce 300, FiberForce 350, and FiberForce 500. FiberForce 300 and FiberForce 500 are our fibrillated micro fibers. FiberForce 350 is our ultra-fine denier fibrillated micro fiber.

Ny-Pro is our nylon micro fiber that meets the requirements of ICC ES AC32 and ASTM C116, Section 4.1.3 (Type III) and Note 2.  


FiberForce 100

FiberForce 150


FiberForce 300

FiberForce 350

FiberForce 500



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