Brighton Park Transfer Station

Chicago, IL
A new waste transfer station consisted of different slab on grade areas, a tipping slab area that called for FiberForce 750 at a dosage rate of 10 lb/yd3 and a sorting slab area that called for FiberForce 750 at a dosage rate of 7.5 lb/yd3.

Flood Brothers Disposal wanted to improve the impact resistance and fatigue life of their slabs. The garbage dumping on the slab and garbage movement by front-end loaders, they needed to have a way to minimize the inevitable deterioration of the slab due to the harsh use of the slab.

FiberForce’s Applications Engineer assisted Ozinga Ready Mix in designing a workable mix with the high dosages of FiberForce 750. In addition, the FiberForce Technical Sales Manager worked with Raffin Construction on techniques for finishing high dosage fiber reinforced concrete. The modifications made by both the Applications Engineer and Technical Sales Manager resulted in a slab that has no fiber exposure on the surface.


FF 750


3,000 yd3


Flood Brothers Disposal

General Contractor

James McHugh Construction Co.

Concrete Contractor

Raffin Construction Co.

Ready-mix Concrete Supplier

Ozinga Ready Mix