Precious Cat

Cheyenne, WY

Precious Cat Company made the decision to expand into a new 200,000 ft2 facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The original design for the warehouse slab called for #4 rebar at 18 in. ocew. Don Shubert, area manager for Croell Redi-Mix, has used FiberForce 750 macro fibers and recognized the cost and time savings by not needing to install rebar. To replace the rebar, the design engineers at FiberForce recommended a 4 lb/yd3 dosage rate. Another impressive benefit of FiberForce 750 is the lack of fibers visible on the surface of the concrete slab. In addition, for the interior slab, over 4,500 yd3 of exterior paving was placed using a standard 1.5 lb/yd3 dose of FiberForce 300 fibrillated fibers.


FF 750


2,700 yd3


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